Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trunk Show Fun!

I had such fun hosting a trunk show for The Beaufort Bonnet Company last week. I think the best part was trying things on my tiny models as I shopped for myself! I had a couple of friends who couldn't make it and they wanted photos of several items so they could order for their kids, so we had a completely chaotic time trying things on P&C! In the process I realized I DIE over these robes! I would have never thought to get one for them in a million years but they absolutely loved them and they could not have looked cuter. 

This is what Caroline is getting. I just die over this Callahan Cloak. I got it a tad big so she can hopefully wear it a couple of seasons. (Don't you love the modeling over her PJs? We're nothing if not classy!)

HOW CUTE is this pom pom hat?? Just the absolute cutest. Once again with the pjs....sorry!

I fell in love with this color block jumper on C. Throw a monogram on there and you have your Christmas card outfit. OR, I'm fairly obsessed with the pink and pumpkin color block jumper. Pumpkin patch pics- check!

Speaking of Christmas card pics- The boys are covered too with the Lawson Longall!

And just because it makes me sentimental, here is their seersucker Bow swaddle modeled by my itty babies. HOW have they grown so fast?? They used these swaddle blankets for at least 6 months and then they are gorgeous keepsakes. Now Caroline swaddles her baby doll in it. Time does fly!

The Beaufort Bonnet Company has beautiful items! They have game day bonnets, wonderful gifts, and they have some darling summer items on super sale!! If you shop online please use the code "FALL TS" (trunk show) and put my name- Tiffany Mendenhall- in the notes section. Happy shopping!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

She's Baaaack!!

My sister, her husband, and her growing baby bump have landed themselves back in the A-TX and we could not be happier about it! We have wasted no time dragging her around town. Parker and Caroline have a ball with her and I do too, so it's just the best. She's only been here 3 months so I'm sure it's just a matter of time before she starts screening my calls, but for now....

Me: "Morning! Wanna go....

- See the peacocks at Mayfield Park?
- Walk Town Lake and find the new boardwalk?
- Go to the splash pad?
- To Zilker and ride the train?
- Go play at the Park?
- Go to the Food Trucks downtown?
- Whatever I can possibly think of for the day

Kristen: "Sure! I'll be there in a few."

Here's to many more adventures with Aunt Kristen! We can't wait to add baby Harry to the mix come November!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Food Truck Tuesday...

We had a super impromptu and super fun dinner last Tuesday. Food trucks from across the city gather at the Long Center on the last Tuesday of the month and there is live music, so we decided to take our crew. It started out as my sister and I taking the kids, then Dave said he could meet us after work, Nana is always in for an adventure, and we told mom and Taylor as they were driving in from New Orleans. They are total troopers who drove straight there on their way into town. It was lots of fun, the kids had an absolute blast (Caroline slept until 9:50 the next morning!!), the food was great, and somehow it was only 87 degrees in late July! 

Reason number 56,482 that we love Austin!!

Rare sibling pic. Love these two.

Picnic in the park! They were fans.

This one. Y'all....she didn't stop. She walked around the.entire.time. Said "hi" and waved to every dog. Pet the ones she could, ate her dinner and some of ours, danced to the live music...It was her super bowl. Ha!

And then she was a zombie! So, so, so tired!

 So much fun! And we will do it again for sure. I should have taken a  family photo at the beginning and not the end. They were too tired to smile. :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Many Faces of C...

Y'all, this child is nuts! She keeps us laughing. 

And I just can't kiss that face enough!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Lovin'...

Y'all....I'm the worst blogger ever. I wrangle two crazies all day and then spend my evenings making dinner, visiting with Dave, doing load after load of laundry, and bulk eating sweets. That last one really needs to cease. Eeek!

I don't know how you all manage to do it all! You are truly wonder women. I figure I'll just pop in every once in a while to let y'all know we're still being crazy. We're having a great summer. I found a great website with tons of things to do in Austin that are either free or minimal cost so that has given us some great activities. I love spending my days with these little people. Between swimming, splash pads, playing with their toys, and exploring...we are loving our city and our summer. I think back on our years of struggles to have children and I cant believe how God has filled our hearts and our hands with these two munchkins. My cup runneth over.